Electrolux Commercial Washer

Are designed with excellent care to deliver best performance in results of washing.

  • Efficient and timesaving – 3-phase powered and long term cost saving
  • Excellent performance – each washers with built-in heaters for sufficient and timely boiled water during washing
  • Higher capacity – Various Washers and Dryers with range of higher capacity drums to meet consumers requirements

Electrolux Industrial Dryer

Are designed to deliver the most efficient drying quality at lowest cost. It’s made possible by robust mechanical construction that requires less maintenance and are optimised for all kinds of operations and environments.

  • High efficiency – accurate temperature control system that delivers more efficient drying.
  • High quality drying – residual moisture control systems measures exact moisture content in linen and automatically helps save time, energy and money
  • High durability – advance blower wheel system optimises airflow and minimises maintenance cost

Wash Studio® Laundry Proprietary Centrally Integrated Card Payment System

  • Simple function which allows user to use easily (touchscreen)
  • Dual-bill acceptor
  • Card dispensing capabilities
  • Remote activation using mobile phone
  • Sales monitoring system


We offer more than just machines. Now even more efficiency and service for your laundry needs.