A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Coin Operated Laundry Business

how to start laundry business in malaysia

Launderette business has been proven to be a potentially high return of endeavour that doesn’t require tertiary skills. Running a coin operated laundry business requires impeccable customer service, well retained room atmosphere and well maintained machines’ performance.

1. Selecting a location

Finding an excellent location with parking spaces, advertisement spots and visibility to neighbourhood is the most important.

2. Discreet budget

How capital you need to start a launderette? Leasing an average sized room is wiser than a large-sized room. Draft a prudent budget of permit fees, equipment costs and construction charges in relation to the long thought of the cost of operations.

3. Equipment needed for start-up

Aim for high-quality commercial laundry appliances. The main equipment you should be thinking about are washers, dryers, pressing machines, steamers and steam boilers.

4. Maintenance plan

Include taxes, insurance plans (flooding or fire), utilities, rent, marketing and repairs. High-quality equipment’s repair and maintenance isn’t that costly.

5. Environment

Create a theme for the store that can accommodate to all ages. Cater them with entertaining TV shows, vending machine, benches and neutral wall colours.

6. Security

Keep them safe with a lock system door where they can leave without letting anyone in. This is mainly for customers that usually comes during the night time,