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Is buying a Self Service Laundry a good investment?

laundry business investment in malaysia


Buying a laundromat isn’t as much of a good investment as franchising a laundromat. There are many laundromat competitors therefore, it is more highly recommended in franchising using loan from one of the top laundromat.

Get a higher chances of success rate with WashStudio® Financial Services that is incomparable to other alternative investments.

In about three years, laundromat business in Malaysia can go up to 60% Return On Investment and about 20% within a year.

If there were to be any fluctuations in the economy, it wouldn’t affect your business because clean clothes are necessities.

Laundromat investors and owners can customize their schedule around their personal lives. Some considers their laundromat store as a part-time job for extra income.

Customers pay up-front that eliminates the cost and time in associating with tedious accounting responsibilities.

New and innovative software system allows owners and investors to maximize profitability and flexibility.

Your machines do the work and you won’t need to hire a large amount of staff. 70% of laundromat investors and owners have about 0-2 employees only.

You can claim as a loss on your annual taxes with your laundromat equipment depreciation, it creates additional opportunities to retain revenue.

90% of the laundromat customers becomes regulars if the facility is well maintained and service is good.

A Beginner’s Guide to Starting a Coin Operated Laundry Business

how to start laundry business in malaysia

Launderette business has been proven to be a potentially high return of endeavour that doesn’t require tertiary skills. Running a coin operated laundry business requires impeccable customer service, well retained room atmosphere and well maintained machines’ performance.

1. Selecting a location

Finding an excellent location with parking spaces, advertisement spots and visibility to neighbourhood is the most important.

2. Discreet budget

How capital you need to start a launderette? Leasing an average sized room is wiser than a large-sized room. Draft a prudent budget of permit fees, equipment costs and construction charges in relation to the long thought of the cost of operations.

3. Equipment needed for start-up

Aim for high-quality commercial laundry appliances. The main equipment you should be thinking about are washers, dryers, pressing machines, steamers and steam boilers.

4. Maintenance plan

Include taxes, insurance plans (flooding or fire), utilities, rent, marketing and repairs. High-quality equipment’s repair and maintenance isn’t that costly.

5. Environment

Create a theme for the store that can accommodate to all ages. Cater them with entertaining TV shows, vending machine, benches and neutral wall colours.

6. Security

Keep them safe with a lock system door where they can leave without letting anyone in. This is mainly for customers that usually comes during the night time,

How to open a launderette with no money

apply laundry franchise business malaysia

If you’re interested in owning a  launderette but you don’t have the capital, you can look up to Wash Studio® Laundry financial programs that will assist you to fulfil your dreams of owning a self-service launderette.

By becoming Wash Studio® Laundry franchisee, you will have a solid financial support that will enable our partners to achieve your goal and dream. Wash Studio® Laundry offers Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PNS) as a financial option to lease facilities of our laundry equipment.

These are the requirements that are needed to apply for financial support.

  • PNS Loans are only applicable for Bumiputra Entrepreneurs
  • Applicants must be registered as a licensed business (SDN BHD) in Malaysia
  • Applicants must pay the initiated deposit to confirm participation as a franchisee inWash Studio® Laundry
    franchise program
  • Must have a signed agreement on the franchise equipment
  • Must complete the Loan Application Form
  • Must not be blacklisted by CCRIS, CTOS, or any other banks/financial institutions

How to Start a Coin-Operated Laundry Business

learn how open-laundromat with no money
Starting a business and maintaining it despite the economy and competition. Investing your time and money into lower chances of success rate will only waste your time and money. In this modern society, coin-operated laundry will give you a higher chance of success. You must know how to produce profit over time to be a successor in this industry, therefore, we have the most important keys and business plan for you to get there.

Start-up Capital

Irregardless all, the most important key of starting a laundromat is the capital you have in hand. It is a must to have more than enough cash on hand to prevent your business from struggling during the beginning of the business. This business model has been successful because the start-up capital requirement is low and the location.
Capital can either come from cash in hand or loan. It would be much easier to take a loan for the capital while investing , however, make sure to pay it off over time. There are cases where people get into too much debt from loan and ended up restricting their financial cash flow.

Picking a Location

The decision of the location and area is essential to bring success over time in business. Despite the excitement over investing into a new business to start out, spend an appropriate amount of time researching on the area to invest in. The location you decide is important due to the type of customer you will be serving. Customers that usually come by the laundromat are those that doesn’t have their own machine or time to do laundry. It is important to serve your customers in relation to finding the right area to invest in.


Your customers must know the services that you have in order for them to come by with their laundry. Therefore advertising is an important aspect to your success. In regards of your customers lifestyle, the least they need to worry about is getting their laundry clean.
During your process of designing an advertisement, it is necessary to show the convenience of your laundromat services, opening hours and your lowest rate. Instead of letting your customer to find a laundromat to their liking, why not show them your clean and safe facility in their area that they can trust to get their laundry done well.

Laundromat Materials

The initial materials cost are high nowadays. To start a laundromat business that are required, you can find a used product that works well as new ones or those that are on sale. If you’re able to save money from this, it will help you to earn profit sooner in the laundromat business.

Targeted Users

The targeted users and customers would usually not have much of disposable income, therefore this could help them have a more comfortable and easier lifestyle. It would be dangerous if the laundromat area isn’t safe to go at night, providing a comfortable and safe laundromat environment will give your customers confidence in their safety as well as providing quality and user-friendly washer and dryer equipment will let them use it with ease. Even though it won’t be an easy business to succeed in, there are many laundromat you can refer to for your sales and profit.
After all your research, you can now begin to start with your business plan and make profits in your future laundromat.

Coin laundry business plan in Malaysia

learn Coin laundry business plan Malaysia

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5 Reasons to Invest in a Coin Laundry Business

learn how to invest coin laundry business in Malaysia

1. Increasing Demands

It is a high rising trend and convenience for residences and busy schedule people. High-rise buildings doesn’t give much space for drying racks and washing machine and people that has business schedule doesn’t have time to do their laundry.
The minimal space for high-rise buildings doesn’t give enough space for proper laundry equipment and minimal drying area. Even if there are space, not many people would own a dryer which could help them save time but not electricity.
People that have busy schedules like business men and women do not have time to wash, dry and fold their clothes. Hence the increasing demand for laundromat which offers them convenience and save their time like drop-off and pick-up services.

2. Non-seasonal and no inventory business

Laundromat doesn’t rely on the weather or latest trends. Most laundromat has a steady flow of customers during their opening hours. There’s no perishable goods or any sellable product involve, because all you need is washing machines, dryers and benches. There’s an option of recommendation to even own vending machines or television for entertainment while people are waiting for their laundry to be done.

3. Transaction

It is a trending payment method to pay everything through your mobile phones, but certain people would still prefer the old school way of using coins for laundry. It is a very convenient way of maintaining your services with minimal fear of missing cash or chasing customers for payments.

4. Low economy risk

In this modern living lifestyle, time is precious. You will have a higher survival rate in this business line compared to other businesses with higher risk of closing down or losing business. As long as you have good services and well maintained machines and environment, your customers will keep coming back because of how good you are.

5. Minimal labour requirement

As mostly everything is self-service, there’s no need to employ many workers for various particular position. All you need is a supervisor to supervise everything that is going on in the laundromat, as there’s no need to collect any cash in hand.

If you have thought of having a drop-off and pick-up laundry service, payment could be easily done using mobile phones or even member card since in this century, everything is based on technology.